Microsoft surface pro repair services in Dubai

We repair laptops and desktop computers at a reasonable price and with the quickest turnaround. moreover providing pick-up service for urgent needs. We believe in actual customers for future service, and have a large number of service centers in the UAE to handle your inquiries. Khaleej fixers make sure that they are satisfying the customers. It is providing Microsoft surface pro repair services in Dubai.

Another option for tech enthusiasts is the Microsoft Surface Go. It’s amazing hardware with Microsoft’s own unique structure, working close to a movement of incredible features and accessories to occasionally replace countless creative contraptions in a single’s life (work areas, tablets, etc.). Regardless, when one thing is so tightly wrapped that it gives you the certainty to clear other possible backup contraptions should that thing then crash and burn, you are left with nothing. As wonderful as it is, the professional tech geeks at khaleej fixer Phone and Computer Repairs feel compelled to remind Dubai residents that the Microsoft Surface Pro Book is currently defenseless against issues and may require repairs. If you discover your contraption unexpectedly out of action, simply contact us so that we can quickly prepare it for activity.

The situation in which simplest way to cause damage to the device is to drop it on the floor. In 80% of cases, the screen and glass are damaged, and replacing them is an expensive procedure. A strong impact of external defects may not be but can interfere with the integrity of the internal components. During the diagnosis, our service Centre specialists will assist in determining what exactly happened with the device. A Microsoft Surface repair may also be required in a software failure, insatiable operating systems, or battery replacement for the device.

If there is no sound when playing back audio or video files, the speaker function is broken and can be easily replaced. We looked at the most common problems with these tablets. Mechanical button issues, camera and module issues, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, processor, and controller issues are much less common. In any case, the Khaleej fixer’s team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist with the quality repair of Microsoft Surface tablets in Dubai, regardless of the complexity or nature of the damage.

The Microsoft Surface PRO services can experience a number of problems. Although the most commonly perceived blame, issues with the camera, charging port, battery, or ear speaker may arise. If you’re searching for expert Microsoft Surface PRO repair near me administration in Dubai, look no further. We are proficient Mobile; Computer and Laptop Repair Service providers with a wide range of contraptions in our inventory. We do keep a large stock of parts on hand, so you can expect a quick and same-day response for your device from our repair service center.

Laptops can face any software issues that frequently need to be put right for better performance. Khaleej fixers are educated in all tech-related issues, & software issues that could harm the devices of our esteemed customers. The actual part we use to repair your Microsoft Surface Book in this manner ensures that your surface book is functioning normally.

Microsoft Surface PRO 3 Screen Replacement Service in Dubai


. Khaleej fixer is your destination in Dubai for broken screen replacement.

Dubai Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Services

We support the majority of blames that are financially fixable; below are some well-known ones that we see frequently:

  • Laptop Battery Replacement Repair
  • Problem with Charging Power
  • Troubleshooting a Camera
  • Troubleshoot Audio Jack
  • Repairing a Loud Speaker Problem
  • Microsoft Surface Keyboard Repair 
  • Repair of Microsoft Surface PRO Motherboard Hardware
  • Microsoft Surface Water Damage Repair & Service
  • Fault Diagnosis Microsoft Surface
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • putting right the Microsoft surface


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