Common Repairs with Modern Smartphones in 2022        

Today, having a smartphone is a requirement. In actuality, we rely heavily on our smartphones. Your mobile device is definitely your best option when it comes to casual browsing, accessing work- or school-related data, or just keeping in touch with your contacts, regardless of whether you use an Android or an iOS device.

But there is always a danger that your smartphone will sustain some sort of damage. A dropped phone or a cracked screen is one of the most common problems that our phones encounter on a regular basis. The nice part, though, is that most damages can now be fixed; thus, in 2022, we’ll discuss some of the most popular repairs for modern smartphones.

Cracking or repair of screens

Let’s start with the type of smartphone damage we see the most frequently. Due to the fact that modern smartphones are constructed with more emphasis on beauty than endurance, having a cracked screen is highly likely. Most people prefer their phones to be sleek, light, and high-end, yet all of these features actually reduce body strength, making the displays more easily “crack-able.”

Fortunately, finding a fix for this problem is just as common as running into it in the first place. You can simply get your phone’s screen fixed without actually breaking the bank or having to search a lot to try to find someone who can actually do it for you. This is true regardless of the type of mobile device you own. The majority of screen breakdowns can be fixed with khaleej fixer.

Batteries must be replaced.

The replacement or repair of a smartphone battery is currently another issue that is frequently mentioned. Both iOS and Android devices have changeable batteries. On Android, however, battery replacement and maintenance are more frequent than on iOS. Now, you must bear in mind that while changing the battery in an iOS device does give you a brand-new battery with 100% health, it also significantly reduces the gadgets worth when it comes time to sell it.

Therefore, if you intend to sell your gadget soon, it’s likely that the older battery it has will fetch you a higher price than a newer one.

Water Harmful

Another very typical smartphone injury that we frequently see individuals facing is water damage. Water damage can occur for a variety of reasons, including when you use the phone with wet hands, when water spills on it unintentionally, or, in the worst-case scenario (let’s hope this never happens to anyone), when you throw your phone in a swimming pool or toilet.

Now, chances are that you own water-resistant gadgets if you are someone who frequently changes their smartphone device and prefers to keep the most recent version of whichever OS you choose. However, water damage can potentially be highly harmful to your smartphone if you are using an older model. Yes, there are remedies available for it, and most times the harm done can be undone. In extreme circumstances, you might nonetheless need to spend money on a newer gadget.

Repairing a Broken Button

Smartphone device screen-to-body ratios have dramatically risen in recent years. Having problems with home buttons, power buttons, and volume rockers is also fairly common because they are still widely used.

The volume keys, power buttons, and home buttons are made to last a lifetime. However, given how frequently they are used, it is not at all unusual if some of them break or come off. In either case, know that getting replacement keys is not a huge deal at all and can be done from anywhere without breaking the bank.


After long use of your smartphone, its fine for it to become warm, but that doesn’t mean it needs to feel like it’s been baking for a while. Understand it?

Try not to use your phone while it is charging if it overheats. Additionally, make sure to charge it at or below room temperature.

Next, make sure you don’t run programmes with high CPU and GPU requirements for an extended period of time. If you’re a game fanatic, make sure to give your phone time to cool down in between gaming sessions. Similarly, watch out for having a lot of demanding tasks going on in the background.

Continue to be hot? Visit our comprehensive guide to learn how to prevent your phone from overheating.

The lesson here is to let your phone cool off once it starts to get warm. Continuously using a hot phone could be more harmful than helpful. However, if the problem continues, you might need to consult a technician. Khaleej fixer is ready for you!

Connectivity issues

The discomfort of experiencing connection issues is nothing to write home about, unlike most of these typical mobile phone issues.

Turning on Airplane mode for at least one minute is a surefire fix for issues connecting to Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi networks, or mobile data. How? Read on.

  • Navigate to the Quick Settings panel and find the “Airplane” toggle.
  • Activate it for at least one minute.
  • Restart it, and then try to reconnect to the network.
  • If it didn’t work, we advise restarting your device or getting in touch with your network provider.

a phone or app that crashes

Even if you use the most expensive phone available, app and phone crashes seem to be a problem that you can’t help but experience on mobile devices. The cause is that whenever developers make changes, things occasionally break.

However, your phone caches some app data for later use. However, when they become corrupted, apps start to crash. You must then clear the cache data for that particular app. This is how:

Search your app drawer for the affected app. Example: Long-press the icon and choose “App Details” (on some devices, the button may be represented by

Select Storage and cache from the drop-down menu.

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