Common IT Support Services

Common IT Support Services

Every day, there are more and more uses for computers in both businesses and homes. Our lives are disrupted, and even small technological issues hamper corporate operations. We should seek the advice of a licensed computer specialist at this point. 

As new technology is always being developed, many technical concerns such as computer spyware attacks, virus infections, network problems, and other software and hardware malfunctions also arise. It would help if you had a quick and competent computer specialist to resolve these problems. 

Being faced with a problem that disrupts a company’s operations and necessitates immediate computer repair is quite unpleasant. Businesses should be aware of various computer services because they constantly require rapid and dependable Laptop repair services.

This will assist in selecting the best service for your particular need. We examine many computer repair services that are frequently provided in this blog post:



You can engage a computer company to teach your personnel if you’ve installed software efficiently, but none of your employees are familiar with it. These instructors will save time by skipping the learning curve because they have an in-depth understanding of the programs. 

Many people want to learn how to perform basic laptop servicing and repair due to the common usage of computers and potential problems; therefore, some professionals also provide tutoring services. 

Now that you know the various computer repair services categories, you can quickly select the one you need. 

Same Day Geek offers a variety of IT repair services in Delta, South Surrey, Surrey, White Rock, and Langley. 


Virus Removal: 

Machine professionals guarantee that the virus will be eliminated during this service without endangering the critical data or information on your computer. Online, you can also acquire services that include every step needed to get your computer up and running without issues and malware eradication services. 

Hardware Repairs: 

This covers any physical harm the computer or its accessories sustain. This covers performing hardware upgrades, repairs, and installation

Accessories Repair: 

Scanners and printers, among other computer peripherals, may need to be repaired if they are damaged. Such problems can be resolved by a qualified computer technician with expertise in computer hardware

Data Recovery & Backup: 

Your critical data may occasionally be lost as a result of problems like hardware failures or viruses. You might not be able to recover the data, but qualified computer professionals can do so by keeping track of data. Because this is such a delicate matter, you should pick a business with extensive experience. It may be impossible for a skilled specialist to recover data if you pick a firm solely because they have a low fee, permanently erasing crucial information. 

Troubleshooting and Networking Support:  

These are the two most often offered business computer repair services. These include network configuration, instruction, network maintenance, and associated issues. 

Computer Maintenance Services: 

Your personal and professional computers need regular updates and tune-ups. Regular maintenance will lengthen the lifespan of your computer and improve its performance. File cleanup, software upgrades, program installation, and routine inspections are part of the maintenance service. 


You can ask a computer specialist to design a customized computer for you with specific characteristics to your demands or the needs of your business if you know what you need but can’t find it in stock machines.


  • PC Technical Assistance PC  
  • Troubleshooting and Repair Services PC  
  • Installation & Setup Testing for System Security  
  • Networking, both wired and wireless Hardware installation 
  • Upgrades, and repairs Software installation 
  • Upgrades, and maintenance services Updates for Operating Systems (OS) Installation Removal of Antivirus replacement of the motherboard Upgrades to memory  
  • Additional IT repair services 

Imac Repair Services

Macbook Repair Services 


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