System Service


The operating system is software that achieves the computer's functions such as scheduling, input/output operations, resource allocation, and file system manipulation, among other things. 

It serves as a link between the user and the computer hardware. 

Operating Systems Services 

·       The following are the services provided by the operating system: 

·       Operation of Input/Output 

·       Allocation of resources 

·       modification of the file system 

·       Execution of the program via the user interface 

·       Communication\sSecurity 

The two main roles of the operating system are − 

·       Security in Resource Management 

The operating system manages all resources such as the input/output device, memory, processor, device, and file. 

Any unlawful access to computer data, programs, or software is the operating system's responsibility. This operating system security feature protects data or files from viruses, worms, malware, threats, and illegal remote access, among other things.