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Laptop service in Dubai has become a popular computer service due to our increasing reliance on computers. Improper use, water damage, or a malfunctioning laptop may necessitate costly repairs such as laptop screen replacement or motherboard repair. Expert laptop repair services may be required for issues such as a broken laptop battery. 800fixing is a professional laptop service center in Dubai that can handle all of your laptop repair needs in one place. 


Our team's technical whiz will pinpoint the root of the hardware and software issue to resolve it correctly. We provide laptop repair in the UAE for a wide range of laptop brands, including Dell, Acer, Vaio, and Asus, to name a few. We also provide additional diagnostic services to speed up your equipment, such as malware or virus removal, apart from physical damage. Our techs are also skilled at updating software on various laptop models. 


These are the statistics of the most common faults that a laptop owner may encounter, based on our experience: 


·       Overheating causes the video card to close in on the motherboard. 

·       The laptop's screen is shattered. 

·       The charge on the laptop battery is quickly depleted. 

·       DDR memory modules are inoperable. 

·       The USB ports have been destroyed. 

·       Water has gotten into the device's keypad. 

·       Damage to the power supply. This is a problem that affects 35% of our consumers. 

·       The computer does not charge. This issue arises due to a breach in the charging slot or a battery failure. 

·       Damage to the keys. It usually occurs due to inappropriate keyboard usage, extra typing effort, or low-quality components. 

·       Due to a polluted cooling system, the device is overheating. 

·       Failure of the Windows operating system. 


Our Repair Work Process:


You must first fill out a form provided by our representative to receive the best laptop servicing in Dubai at the 800fixing repair center. This paper serves as a formal contract for laptop repair services between the consumer and the company. The customer's contact information, a description of their defect, and information about the visible laptop condition are all included on the form.


Our team will diagnose the item, and you will be notified of the findings and the cost of the repair procedure. Our professionals will repair it when you consent to the service, and you will receive an SMS with the status and cost of the repair operation. After that, you may come to our repair shop and test your gadget to make sure it's working correctly and that the issue has been resolved. We never ask for payment beforehand. We'll provide you with a check and a one-year warranty when you pay the service charge. 

Changing the backlight on the laptop, cleaning the laptop of dust, replacing the laptop's thermal pa, and cleaning the laptop after it has been flooded. Is it time to replace the laptop battery?  


Laptop screen replacement Laptop video card repair and replacement Repairing a laptop's cooling system Laptop hard drive replacement Laptop motherboard repair Changing the keyboard on laptop speakers need to be replaced.  

The RAM of the laptop's Windows installation has to be replaced. Virus removal from your laptop Putting software on a laptop improves your laptop's performance, Recover data from a laptop by changing the bios on a laptop, Laptop cooler replacement changing the Processor in a Laptop keyboard. 


24 Hour Laptop Repair Service
Free Delivery in Dubai Service Center Dubai ,Sharjah & Abu Dhabi


In Dubai, best service center dubai is the best shop to fix a laptop screen. Khaleej fixer offer the reasonable and cheap price of replacing a laptop screen in Dubai, in no time.
Professional laptop repairing in dubai often cost highly . If you feel confident fixing your laptop yourself, you can typically locate replacement screens online for fair costs, but if you want the best and hurry services and long lasting results , then contact us ( khaleej fixer) , pro repair Dubai service center is cheap and affordable shop and the installation typically take only an hour.
I can repair my laptop. It's surprisingly simple to fix some of the most frequent issues with laptops on your own. You can solve it by knowing the issue from laptop repair shop with a few simple fixes.or you can hire a consultant from khaleej fixers for best results. First, determine the laptop's issue or what the issue is with the laptop, tell the consultant to help u with the particular issue. Proceed after that.
Yes, it is possible to repair a laptop's body, and the estimated cost of doing so is entirely dependent on the degree of damage your laptop has sustained. However, using the official Computer Repair Home website, users may immediately learn how much repairs typically cost. But if you want the good results in no time then hire the khaleej fixers with affordable charges and good service.
Repairing a laptop starts at normal rates.. Undoubtedly, a laptop's body can be repaired from laptop fixing , but how much it will cost will depend entirely on how badly damaged the laptop is.
A laptop case hole can be repaired using putty, sanding, and cutting. The putty must then be ready. It arrives as a cylinder with two parts encircling one another. You may fix the laptop and laptop case by simply chopping off a bit and twisting the pieces together.
Consider buying a new laptop if the cost of repair is half that of a new one—or even more—especially if yours is more than a few years old. Your computer probably deserves repair if it's only one or two years old. For instance, the typical laptop repair at khaleej fixer stores is really affordable and pocket friendly.
It is indeed feasible. To do that, you'll need to almost totally disassemble the PC. You can almost completely remove all the parts by following the instructions to remove the system board and display assembly.
Yes, we can repair the laptop or replace a laptop cover. It is conceivable, yes. To do that, the PC must be almost entirely disassembled. The system board and display assembly removal methods can be followed to almost completely remove all the components or you can replace your computer parts with us and we will guide you best
The exterior casing of a laptop is called a chassis, and both the singular and plural forms are used. It contains the display, motherboard, keyboard, and pointer.
When a laptop is dropped while being opened, the hinges frequently crack, but material fatigue could also be to blame. However, users frequently end up breaking the hinges on their laptops. The exposed display wire may eventually be harmed if the laptop hinge is damaged.
• Restart your computer. • Reopen the laptop after closing it. • Connect a separate monitor. • Your video drivers should be updated. • Try to remove any trapped pixels. • Fix your burn-in as best you can. • Check the connections between your screen and backlight. • Switch out the screen.


Yes, you fix the cracked laptop screen without replacing it. • On the screen's fractured area, apply the toothpaste. • Gently rub it, then wait a while. • After a few minutes, wipe it off with clean cotton.
Although it's a good idea to avoid moving, shutting, or traveling with your laptop if it has a hairline crack along the edge of the screen, you can still use it as normal. Any pressure on the screen could cause the crack to enlarge.
Purchase a padded traveling case if you must transport the computer. If your computer is a laptop, make sure you have a padded traveling case that will prevent the cracked screen from spreading.
Yes, the cracked screen gets worse after I break my phone's screen is certainly something you're pondering. Unfortunately, we must inform you that things will become worse.
The original purpose of a screen guard, screen protector, or tempered glass was to cover your phone's screen and guard against surface scratches and cracks. However, you may also use it to stop further cracks if your screen already has a small or medium-sized crack in it. You can fix your laptop screen by consulting our experts, Does nail polish fix cracked screens? The bad news is that a broken screen cannot be fixed with nail paint. In essence, it can only seal a tiny crack, or at the very least prevent it from getting worse.
We wouldn't advise using toothpaste to fix your screen if you're not willing to take a chance with your smartphone or laptop. Toothpaste won't completely fix a cracked phone or laptop screen; it can only help with tiny scuffs and smooth out your screen.
1. Press and hold the Windows logo key, typically located between the left “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys. 2. Press the “P” key. A pop-up offering different display options appear on your screen. 3. Click “Projector Only.” Your laptop screen is now hidden, but the presentation slides still appear on the projector or external monitor.
Your smartphone's screen will not be repaired by WD-40 if it is cracked or scratched. But it can make your screen look better. Simply spray it onto the screen and then wipe it away with a dry, clean cloth.
Loctite Super Glue All Plastics is our favorite. The difficult-to-bond-to polymers polypropylene and polyethylene are included in the scope of this specialty superglue's application. It has an activator that you must first apply and let dry for 60 seconds.
• 1) Low Battery Life. ... • 2) Freezing / Lagging / Slow Response Time. ... • 3) Faulty Battery. ... • 4) Broken Screen / No Display. ... • 5) Battery Failure / Power Issues. ... • 6) Slow to wake up. ... • 7) Blue Screen Errors • 8) Fan Noise
Compare this to laptop models like the Samsung Series 9 (9/10), HP Elite Book (10/10), and Dell Latitude (10/10), which are often simpler to open and include easily replaceable internals like SSD and RAM. Even the LG Gram, which is praised for its ultra-thin design, has parts that may be changed by the user.
More so than ever before, laptops are now lighter, thinner, faster, and have great screens. However, it has become more challenging to fix when the time comes since all this technology is being crammed into an ever-shrinking form factor.

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