Virus Removal


What is malware? 

Malware is a term for hateful software that is meant to cause harm to a computer system or perform undesirable tasks. The following are some examples of malware: 

§  Viruses\sWorms 

§  Trojan horses are a type of horse that is used 

§  Rogue security software Spyware 

What is a computer virus? 

A computer virus can corrupt or remove data on a computer, distribute the virus to other computers via email, or even wipe the hard disc clean. Computer viruses are commonly propagated through email attachments or instant messaging conversations. As a result, you should never open an email attachment unless you know who sent it or unless you are expecting it. Viruses might be camouflaged as funny photos, greeting cards, or audio and video files in email attachments. Computer viruses can also be propagated via Internet downloads. They can be found in pirated software and other files and programs that you may download.