Delivery and Installation services


If you're purchasing appliances from our website, you'll want to know what our Installation Services entail:


What Is Covered with Installation:


We will deliver and install your appliance in any location in your home if installation is available for the appliance you order. Our delivery employees will unhook your old appliance and either transport it to another room or haul it away to be recycled in a local recycling program. All we ask is that you double-check that the appliance has been emptied. 

Our trained, authorized delivery agents will uncrate and inspect all appliances in your order as part of the installation process. Your appliances will be leveled and linked to a power supply already in place. We'll also check to see if they're ready to use. 

Connecting the new appliance to water, electricity, and gas is part of the installation process. Many appliances require additional parts to complete the installation. If installation components are required, they will be automatically included with your order at no cost to you. These are some of them: 

·       Water lines in refrigerators 


·       Hoses for the washer's inlet 


·       Kits for connecting gas appliances 


·       ducting for dryers 


·       Kits for connecting dishwashers 


·       Power cords for the electric range and the electric dryer 


·       Brackets with anti-tip properties (included with the appliance)